Saturday, October 24, 2009

Breakfast Set

The brief for this project was to design and create articles of a complex nature that fit into the standards of the current local and global art, design and craft culture.  I also had to complete decorative elements for the design and develop a glaze that will enhance the shape as well as clay body of the design.

I started by drawing inspiration from various artists as well as architects including Kayoko Hoshino, a Japanese ceramicist who uses grey-brown or black clay which are  embellished with subtle linear decorations.  The exteriors of the objects are reminiscent of delicate Japanese paper or finely pleated textiles.  The other great influence were the American minimalist sculptor Richard Serra.  Serra is well known for working with large scale assemblies of sheet metal.  I like the way you can walk into and around these sculptures.  I like the lines of the forms and the way he cuts into a solid form.

After a lot of drawings and tests, I decided to use a rougher than usual clay body which are a cream color and claze it with a very smooth brown-black glaze with texture on parts like the handles.  I started by mixing different clay bodies and ended up using JB1 combined with Kagero and only Kagero for the detail.

I really liked the way the shapes I made could be put into one another.  I would also cut into the outside shape, which allows you to peek through and see the shape that is inside.  The glaze I used inside has a satin feel to it and I used black stain to color it.

The ingredients of the recipe is:
Soda Feldspar:  286.1
Lithium:  12
Whiting:  193
Zinc:  53
Kaolin:  109
Talc:  25
Ebony/black stain:  50
It was fired in an oxidation firing to cone 9 and it is a really stable glaze.  I enjoyed the whole process of making this series and it inspires me to make a new line.  The only thing I would change is to use a smoother clay body, especially on the mugs.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Design advanced Jewellery and/or 3D Objects First semester 2009

Photoshop and Illustrator project

For this project, we had to design a brooch using Photoshop and Illustrator techniques we learned.

The brooch had to be designed using fabric and metals.  I decided to use silver, gold, beads, semi-precious stones as well as beads.  I really enjoyed trying to make the materials look real.

Anglo Gold Riches of Africa Competition 1999


When I went through all of my CV's, I found this photo of two pieces I made for the Anglo Gold competition in South Africa in 1999.

It was an amazing journey to design the pieces, make them and then attend the winners presentation in Johannesburg.  Creating these pieces was such a difficult task, as I had to forge each one three times, once in white gold, once in yellow gold and once in red gold to get the final result.

About Marlize Myburgh

After she obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Jewellery Design) degree in 1993 at the University of Stellenbosch, Marlize gained valuable experience by working as a jewelry designer with a jeweller in Somerset-West (South Africa).

During her studies as well as thereafter, Marlize proved that she has a special talent for jewellery by attaining various awards, as listed below.

Marlize lectured at the University of Stellenbosch during 1995 and in 1996 she started to work full-time from her studio at home.

Marlize believes that jewellery is very personal and should fit the wearer’s style, personality as well as budget.  Quality craftsmanship and detail is very important to her.  Satisfying the client is Marlize’s first priority.

She loves to experiment with different techniques and metals and in doing so, discovers new opportunities all the time.  She also likes to play with texture, surfaces of different granularities as well as colours.  She likes to think of her jewellery as wearable pieces of art.

Marlize specialises in the design of new jewellery pieces, redesign of old jewellery, the manufacturing and repair of all jewellery as well as stringing of pearls and beads.  She also supplies diamonds, precious stones, pearls and gold to her clients.

In 2003, Marlize started creating ceramics under the supervision of Hennie Meyer and had her first combined exhibition of ceramics as well as jewelry that year.  She is working on techniques to further explore the combination of the art of jewelry making with ceramics.

 Marlize obtained diplomas in ceramics as well as jewellery at Box Hill TAFE.

During June and July 2009, Marlize completed an artist's residency at the Cite Internationale Des Arts in Paris, made possible by the South African Association for the Visual Arts. 2011 Marlize did a month artist residency with the renowned ceramicist Hennie Meyer in South Africa.

Currently Marlize is teaching Ceramics at Manningham Art Centre and Wyreena Art centre as well as working in Ceramics as well as Jewellery at her studio in Donvale, Australia.